Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Flower in a Pot #2 - The Quilting

I have been having a lot of fun working on my Flower in a Pot Series.  The pattern for Flower in a Pot #1 can be found on my post from Monday (click here).

I love to free motion quilt.  I particularly like feathers.  I don't think I will ever get enough feathers.  I decided to make the flower the "spine"of the feather and stitch off the outline that I quilted around it.  I then outlined the feathers and did some stippling around the edge because I knew I wanted to add rick rack in the binding.

Above and below are the pot from this block.  I decided to wind my way in and out of the all the circles in order to quilt the pot.  I knew that if I'd left the pot unquilted it would puff out a lot and I wanted to make sure that it was tacked down some.

Here is a larger picture of how I did my feathers around the leaves and pot handles.  It was fun to make a small single feather inside the handles.

I knew that I needed to quilt something inside the flower since it is large.  I could've done simple outline quilting, but instead I decided to fill the light blue area with 1/8 inch apart lines.  You really can't see it from the front, but you can see it from the back in the picture below.

Here is a picture of the back before I added the extra quilting in the pot and in the flower.  You can see why it needed the extra quilting. 

Here is the quilt with the rick rack added.  To see how I did this check out my post on putting rick rack in the binding.

And here is the final quilt all bound and pretty!  As I said before and will always say.  I love feathers.  These were not marked, but were done freehand with the space available.  I learned to do this kind of feather from Diane Gaudynski.  You leave space between the feathers so that you don't have to do a lot of backtracking.

I will post the pattern for this pot soon!  Don't forget to join my Facebook group:  Machine Applique Adventures
Happy Appliqueing!

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