Monday, February 8, 2016

Blog Post #100! And a Machine Applique Facebook Group!

I can't believe this will be my 100th blog post.  A lot of amazing things have happened since I started this blog six months ago:

1.  I am slowly growing my readership, and have had views from all over the world
2.  I have a book coming out from the American Quilter's Society in the fall
3.  I am enjoying writing about quilting and doing small projects way more than I expected
4.  I have become an Island Batik Ambassador!  More on that another day!

AND NOW....I am starting an applique Facebook group called Machine Applique Adventures!

I am excited to see what other people are appliqueing.  I've been looking for a group like this on Facebook and there are many out there for machine applique and embroidery using an embroidery system on a sewing machine, but there aren't any for people who simply do applique by machine.  I'm hoping this will be a starting ground for people who applique to share what they've been up to.

So...follow this link and join the group today!

Happy Appliqueing!


  1. I love the joy of applique'. I teach it a lot and my students are loving it.

  2. I love the joy of applique'. I teach it a lot and my students are loving it.

    1. So excited to have a group to celebrate Applique

  3. Hi Suzy - I've been trying to find your email address because you show as a no reply blogger when you leave comments on my blog. Could you please reply to this comment by email and then I might be able to see you email address? Thank you.

  4. Congratulations on the new book and also in become a Island Batik Ambassador! You will have so much fun working with their beautiful fabrics, I know I do!

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