Saturday, February 13, 2016

Flower in a Pot #2 - Part 2

I am almost done writing directions for applique ladies!  Look for that on Monday.  Here's the rest of the process I used for appliqueing Flower in a Pot #2.

The next layer I added is the dot fabric.  I love the way it has dots in some places, but not in others and varies in color.  I used this fabric as inspiration for picking out the fabrics for the flower.  I usually do this when I'm picking fabric.  I start with an inspiration fabric and pick other fabrics to go with it.

Here is a view from the back of the block.  You can see that I chose blue thread to stitch around the pot.  I could've gone with purple thread, but the handles are stitched in blue and I don't like to use the exact same color thread on pieces that are next to each other.  I'll use slight variations in color, but not the exact same color.  

Here is a picture of the back once I added the dots at the top of the vase.  I faced a little bit of a conundrum when stitching the circles because I wasn't sure if I really wanted to stop and start on each of them.  So I stitched the top half of all the circles and then stitched the bottom half of all the circles in a more continuous method.

When I cut out the pieces for the circles at the top of the vase I purposely tried to get some variation in color (it's a batik favorite!)  to draw the eye back and forth.  I was inspired by hobnail or milk glass from a friend's wedding a while ago.  I have no idea why I remembered the bumps, but I did.

And here's the finished block!  I hope to have the pattern for Flower in a Pot #1 ready for Monday. Have a great weekend...quilt!

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