Monday, October 26, 2020

From the Heart Blog Hop

I'm excited to share my project today!  I love making projects for Carol of Just Let Me Quilt's Blog Hops.

I wanted to make mug rugs that felt like a hug.  I decided on a heart.  They turned out a little Valentine's feeling, but it's the idea that counts. (Hint....go with a different color than pink!) Oh well, I'm sure my recipients will still like them.

I started with a simple heart in a gorgeous Island Batik fabric.

Then I had a lot of fun quilting the heart and background area.

I love it when they're all squared up:

Then I did fusible binding.  I applied fusible to a large square of fabric.  I use steam a seam 2 lite so it sticks and stays.  It's much easier than other products for fusible binding.

I align it on the front side.

Then I cut it to length and flip it over to the back.  Then I iron it in place.

Be sure to make the front pieces straight and about the same width.  That's why I do this on top of my cutting matt.

Align the strips on the other two sides and trim the sides at and angle like the orange pencil.

Then fold these bits around the edge.  Then fold the binding to the back.

Ta da!

Also be sure to go back and stitch down your fused binding.  I use various stitches.  For this one I used a straight stitch.

On this one I did a wavy line to stitch down the binding.

These were really fun and quick to make.  I thought about making ones with pencils appliqued in the middle for my teacher friends.  Or you could dog bones for a dog lover, etc.  The possibilities are endless.

I hope you get to quilt today!

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  1. Very cute. Thanks for the tutorial on fusable binding I have never tried it. Now I know what to do so I may have to try it out.

  2. Your mug rugs are beautiful and definitely heart-felt! Fusible binding sounds like a great idea.

  3. Cute idea Suzie. I like how you did the corners of the binding, nice, neat finish.

  4. I love your quilting and thanks so much for the tutorial on that wonderful binding trick.

  5. I really could have used your mini tutorial on fusible binding LAST NIGHT!! I fumbled through, but yours looks SEW much better than mine. Your feather quilting is fantastic!!

  6. Fusible binding - how clever! Both of these mug mats are so fun!

  7. Oh my goodness -- I never even thought of doing binding that way. Brilliant, especially for a project like mug rugs that aren't going to be laundered. Nice, clean finish with no bulk and looks like it was so much faster than double fold binding, too. Thanks for sharing! I wonder if your technique would work for using a wide ribbon trim as a binding?

  8. Darling mug rugs! Your stitching around the hearts is beautiful! Anyone would love to receive these as a gift.

  9. Fusible binding! Great idea and new to me! Perfect for smallish gifts!

  10. oh but these are wonderful. I love your FMQ. I feel like the love is radiating from the heart. Perfect. Thanks for sharing today. quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  11. I think the pink is perfect for these and they both look beautiful! Your quilting looks amazing and thank you for that tutorial on binding. Thanks for sharing your gift projects with us!

  12. These are beautiful! Love the stitching!

  13. Beautiful mug rugs, thanks so much for sharing your projects!

  14. What cute and clever mug rugs! That is a brilliant binding treatment!

  15. Suzy, I love you heart (hug) mug rugs! And fusible binding - what a great idea! thanks for the tutorial! :-)

  16. Pretty and practical - they would be great as mug rugs or tablemats to put small dishes on.

  17. Cute! I wouldn’t have thought Valentines until you said it.

  18. Those are really cute mug rugs. I've never done fusible binding, but sounds like a great idea on the mug rugs!! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Just lovely, thanks for sharing. Your quilting is beautiful!

  20. Very cute. Love your no fuss binding technique. I wish I’d seen this before I made mine!

  21. A fun from the heart project - thanks for sharing.

  22. Thank you for the binding tutorial. I've never tried that. Your quilting is AMAZING and really take these mug rugs over the top. So pretty for a lovely gift.

  23. These are too pretty to put a coffee cup on!

  24. Your mug rugs are so sweet and lovely; your quilting is amazing! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  25. Very neat! Your quilting looks wonderful.

  26. Super cute idea, and so much faster with this fusible binding technique. Also a perfect way for people to practice FMQ! Thank you for sharing!


  27. Cute ideas! Thanks for sharing. I had never seen fusible binding before; looks like it would save lots of time!

  28. Those little quilts are so sweet. Thanks for the tut. You're a super quilter.

  29. Fusible binding! What a great idea--I have never seen anything like that before!!!!

  30. I really like those mug rugs. Your quilting is beautiful.

  31. They are so cute! Love how you have quilted them! xx

  32. How cute! I love your fusible binding technique. I'll have to try that! Have a great day.