Wednesday, February 24, 2016

AQS Daytona Beach

My cell phone is usually buried in my desk at school so it doesn't go off if anyone actually calls it during the day. However, yesterday afternoon it was in my coat pocket after recess and rang. The class looked at me accusingly of not turning it off. After school I checked my messages and there was one from Kentucky. I thought for sure it would be about he quilting book I'm writing that will be out in the fall, but no. It was even BETTER. My quilt, Harmony's Loop took FIRST PLACE in home machine quilted wall quilt at AQS Daytona Beach! I AM SO OVER THE MOON EXCITED!  

I wish I was there.  It's so much warmer than Minnesota this time of year...

To read more about this quilt check it out in my Gallery of Award Winning Quilts

Time to quilt some more on the next show quilt!

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