Monday, December 2, 2019

My Sewing Space

Day Two of the 31 Day Blogging Challenge is "My Sewing Space."  I have a wonderful sewing room down stairs.  It's the same size as our master (an older house about 11 x 15 I think).  I was looking for a great space when we bought our house.  It's has full size windows even though it's in the basement and lots of great light.  I just threw bags in it when I was getting ready for Thanksgiving (hence the floor), but the table top is mostly clean!

However, my youngest son really prefers that I'm upstairs instead of downstairs, so most of the time you will find me here at my kitchen table with my smaller machine.  My husband has learned to deal with the fact that it lives there even though it drives him crazy sometimes.

I've also taken over the coat closet at the top of our split entry stairs.  It was rarely used and now I can close the door on all the stuff I keep upstairs due to my son's preference.  It's also clean and I know where everything is (at least for the moment...).

I also have a small table in our living room that I use for working.  Again, they've all gotten used to it.  I do like being upstairs where I can interact with my boys (well, most of the time...there are times mommy needs a time out).   

Where is your favorite place to sew?

I hope you get to quilt today!

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  1. My favorite place to sew is at retreat!! I do love my quilting room at home as well...biggest room in the house!!! Since it is upstairs and people rarely go up there, I only need to close the door if I want to keep the heat in.