Saturday, December 14, 2019

My Fabric

This is my fabric storage closet.  It's 6 feet wide and just 12" of shelf space.  I sort by type of fabric (it's mostly batiks) and by color.  There are some prints on the bottom shelf you can't really see here.  I also have two bags of black and white prints as I can't stop buying them.  Can you tell I like bright colors?

I try to keep my fabric limited to this space.  EXCEPT...

I have a bureau which has a drawer of leather, a draw of hand-dyed, and a drawer of silk/specialty fabric.

I also have three bins of my Island Batik Ambassador fabric upstairs.

Oh and a pile of Tula that doesn't have a home at the moment.

I guess I need to do some sorting again.  But I'd rather quilt, so it will have to wait.

I hope you get to quilt today!


  1. Cute post - I'm smiling. I'm sure there could be foster homes for that Tula . . . hahaha!

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  3. Fabric entropy is a common occurrence. I’m all organized I say. It’s all here. And here. And here. And there. And...

  4. I would rather quilt too and like you, I love batiks....and brights