Monday, April 11, 2016

Flower Pot Inspiration

I  love flower pots.  I can't help it.  I think their decoration and ornament is so neat.  I have also discovered that I love having my camera phone in my pocket all the time because I am able to snap pictures whenever something inspires me.  The three pots below were for sale at my local Sam's Club a few weeks ago.  They are great quilting inspiration.  

I will always love black and white, or in this case navy and white?  

I like all the different elements in this pot work together.  I especially like the black and white grid lines behind the arcs.

While I don't like the overall composition of this pot, it has elements that are nice.  I like the dark navy arcs and the red flowers that come out of them.

This pot lives outside my grandmother's house.  It is definitely quilterly.  I have quilted that eye shape/diamond border of quilts before!  

I hope you find some fun inspiration today!

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  1. Although not seen at the local (Harlingen,TX) Sam's, I did see these at the pottery market just up from the border crossing in Progreso....I'm sure they're closely similar and I did pick up some gifts for the MN "fam"!!!!!! Love these!!!!!!