Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Flower in a Pot #6 - Part One

Flower in a Pot #6 is a tulip design.  I knew I wanted to make it in orange.  It has three pieces and so I was playing with some fabrics trying to decide how I wanted to arrange them.  I love the fabric below because it has so many different motifs in it.  You can really cut out a lot of interesting petals from it.  Some of my friends laugh at me because I will hold my thumb and pointer finger in a circle to check fabrics for cutting out petals while I'm out fabric shopping.

Here is one arrangement I had for the flower.  However, I realized that the top layer would be the lightest fabric.  I didn't want to have to line the fabric with a second layer of either white or the fabric itself so I decided to change around the fabric placement.

Here are the same three fabrics in a different arrangement.  This time the darkest fabric will be the top layer.  This will make it much easier to ensure their is no shadowing (when the color of an underlayer shows through the top layer).

Now that I knew where I wanted to put the three fabrics I decided on a few things.  First, the lightest orange I wanted to cut out he swirly patterns you see in the fabric below.  Second, I started playing around with which section of the raindrop fabric I wanted to use.  In this case, I checked to see if I wanted to use an area with a lot of yellow/dark orange contrast.  I decided it took away from the dark orange piece and I needed to try something else.

Here are my final pieces for the flower.  I like how the lightness of the teardrop fabric (an Island Batik!) sort of connects the two outside fabrics.

I love playing with fabric and print.


  1. Really bright and fun. Looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.

  2. Love your oranges. Thanks for showing how you pick your fabric placement.