Saturday, April 16, 2016

Flower in a Pot #6 - Part Two

I love tulips.  They should start blooming soon here in Minnesota.  I really like the leaf fabrics I chose for this block.  They complement each other, but I love the swirls in the bottom batik.

Here is layer one complete:

If you look at the different colors of blanket-stitching above you can see that the orange and yellow are very small in size and the two greens are stitched in a much larger size.

Here is layer two done.  All I got to add for layer two was a stem.

And here is the final block!  It makes me feel ready for spring.  I really like the batik print for this pot.  It's so colorful.

Check back on Wednesday to see how I quilted it and don't forget to join my Machine Applique Adventures Facebook Group!  I can't wait to see what you're up to.

Here's Margaret's Block number five that was shared on the Facebook Group.  I love her color choices!



  1. I love how these look in batiks. If I ever get a chance to try these do you think they would look good in regular quilting cotton? Also, do you trim the stabilizer when you're ready to quilt these pieces?

    1. I think they would look amazing in regular cotton. My mother is planning to do them in a combination of both. Once I am finished with a block I do rip the stabilizer away before I layer the quilt.