Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Flower in a Pot #5 - The Quilting

Those of you following my Flower in a Pot Quilt Along know that I'm trying to quilt each one with a different kind of feather.  This pot is quilted with swirl end feathers.  I've not quilted them before so it was fun to do something different.

I started by echo quilting around the flower and pot.  I then used them as the "spine" for my feathers.  This was a little tricky around the leaves.

Here is a view of the back.  It needs more stitching in the flower and pot which I will get to eventually.

Here is a picture once the rick rack that will go in the binding was added.

Here is a close-up of the area near the leaves and how I managed to use the vase as a spine still.  It was challenging, but I didn't want to have to fill it with something else.

The final quilt!  Look for the pattern coming Saturday.  And don't forget to join my Machine Applique Adventures Facebook group!

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