Saturday, June 4, 2016

Flower in a Pot #8 - Part Two

I'm working on my Flower in a Pot Quilt Along and having a blast as usual.  My last post (click here) was all about selecting fabric for my flower.  After working on it I decided there was one piece I wasn't sure of.  If you look below the dark purple top of the flower below you will see two coral colored pieces.  I thought they stood out too much so I decided to try a few other fabrics.

I tried orange instead.  It doesn't seem any better though.

What about a real change....lime green!  Nope, it looks strange.

I finally decided to stick with the original coral fabrics.  Below you can see that I've stitched layer one.  If you look at the stem of the pot you can see that I chose to do my blanket stitching around it in a lime green thread.  I chose lime green because I thought if I used pink it would take away from the pattern of the fabric.

The back after layer one has been stitched.  I use a tear-away stabilizer that I rip away before I layer the quilt.

After a few more layers.  I got so excited I forgot to take pictures of different layers!

The back after many layers.

Happy Saturday!  I hope you get to quilt some today.  Please join me over at my Machine Applique Adventures Facebook Group.


  1. I love these flowerpots where can I finde the pattern?

    1. They are available under the Flower in a Pot Quilt Along at the top of the page. Number 8 is what I'm talking about right now and will be available next week, but 1-7 are all there :)

  2. Great choice with the coral - it pairs beautifully with the purple. And I love those bright greens! How fun!