Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Flower in a Pot #8 - The Quilting

I love free motion and I love feathers so I've been quilting all sorts of different feathers on these Flower in a Pot quilts and number 8 is no exception.

This time I tried quilting really large feathers and then filled them on the inside with echoes.  I like the way it looks a lot though I think it would look nicer if there were more filler around it so you could see it a little better.

Here's is a closeup of the top of the quilt complete with camera string.  Oops!  I really love this lime green rick rack in the binding.  It adds an extra touch.

I'm headed to the Sneak Preview of the Minnesota Quilter's Show in St. Cloud tonight!  I'm excited.  I hope you all get excited about something quilty today too.


  1. Your quilting is amazing and that ric-rac is a really neat detail on the binding. Do you practice your free motion quilting everyday? How did you become so proficient?

    1. I have been doing free motion for a long time. I teach beginners and I can honestly say the best way to learn is to do a little every day. A great thing to practice lines is to buy a cheater baby quilt panel that has already been quilted and quilt it over and over in different colored threads to get the muscle memory down

  2. The flower looks great! I wasn't sure about it at first when you were auditioning the fabrics but I really like how it turned out.