Saturday, August 25, 2018

Futuristic Flowers Part 3

The next step in the process is picking the threads for the blanket stitching.  I use Glide thread for this because it's so shiny!

Here you can see that I've done my stitching around the circle.  I decided to match the paint color on the inside instead of the purple fabric.

Here is that flower with the velvet stitched down.  It's the red fabric.  I used a larger size blanket stitch so that it would go a little deeper into the fabric.

And the flowers are all blanket stitched!

This orange ring is leather, I also used a larger size blanket stitch for this flower.  I love the diamond weave to the silk. 

This flower is dupioni silk with peach and purple pain in the oval and circle.  The ring is leather.

The stems and ovals on the stems are leather.  The bottom leaves are velvet.  The top leaves are dupioni silk with purple pain underneath.

More coming soon!  Wait until you see the vase they go in!

I hope you get to quilt today!

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  1. This is all looking lovely! I appreciate that you are sharing the variety of different fabrics you are using also. It helps to give me the courage to try something different in one of my applique projects. Thank you for sharing and I am looking forward to the vase!