Friday, August 10, 2018

Free Motion Friday - Filling a Square with Feathers

Lately I've been playing with filling squares and rectangles with feathers.  I was working on a secret project.  Don't worry.  I'll show you soon.  As part of this project I was filing squares with feathers and I decided to try filling them each differently.  

I started by drawing a spine and then filling the space around it.

The top image was started with a V shaped spine.  The middle image with a curl for a spine. And the bottom image a shallow curve for a spine.  They all work but definitely give a different feel to the spine of the feather.

For the last two squares I used a very gentle curve and then using a feather as a spine.

So....if I was to do it again, which would I choose?  I like all of them, so I suppose it depends on what shape I want to emphasize.  Until next week when we'll get into rectangles!

I hope you get to quilt today!


  1. I think the "key" to a pleasant finish is to have the spine at a slight/gentle curve. When I was beginning my fmq feather journey, my focus was on the plumes and the result was a rather 'stiff' looking feather but the plumes were ok. Curving the spine gave a very nice finish even if the individual plumes were less than "perfect". Interesting! Good series.........

  2. These are all lovely! I really like the last one with the feather spine, it reminds me of a shell!

  3. They are all beautiful- great job! My favorites are the V spine and the gentle curve. Great advice from Doreen, too, about starting with a curve!

  4. Nice! Would you do a class? I wonder if we could find an inexpensive place to have it?