Wednesday, August 29, 2018

A Protective Sleeve for my Chromebook

Our school district gave all the teachers Chromebooks to use at school and at home, but we did not receive cases or sleeves.  My fellow teachers were ordering cases today and I realized....I could make one!

I had this quilt that I'd started quilting.  It was never going to get finished.  I've given up and moved on, but man do I overpin!  Oh well.  It has been sitting like this more at least 5 years...

Here's the Chromebook I needed to fit.

I cut it up.  Yup, I did.  I knew it would never get finished and this way I get to enjoy all the stitching I did do.

I then put in a zipper.  That was a challenge with a double batted quilt...

Done!  It's not perfect, but neither am I and it's still useful.  I'm quite the Chromebook fit???

Yup! And the chord too.  One happy camper!

I hope you get to quilt today!


  1. I love it. Looks good to me. Enjoy it.

  2. Looks fantastic! And you are right, this way you can enjoy your quilting everyday!

  3. And all the other teachers will be envious of your snazzy cover! Great idea. Fun to see that beautiful quilting!