Monday, October 31, 2016

The Next Generation

I have been a quilter for a long time.  I learned at 8 years old while playing with my mother's scraps.  My son Vincent has learned at my feet too and finished his first quilt this summer.  He picked out the pattern and the fabric himself.  I cut the pieces, but he did all the sewing.  Then he got to quilt it on Grandma's longarm.  Her comment about this was that he was so much more adventurous and wiling to try that some new quilters she's seen.

Well, since mommy enters quilts in shows, then Vincent needed to as well.  We decided to send his quilt to MQX in Springfield, Illinois last week since I was sending quilts.  Little did we know that in addition to getting a ribbon for entering his quilt (an one for the mentor--seriously, how cool is that?), he received a sewing machine!  Thank you to the sponsors!   It came in the mail when the quilts were returned and he couldn't be more thrilled.  We unboxed it on Saturday and grandma gave Vincent his first lesson on how to use his machine.  Sunday he was back at it playing some more.  He used some of my scraps with fusible on the back to make a quilt and is working on quilting lines on it.  He's so excited.  He's bummed that I will be in Houston this week and he won't get to quilt on it until I get home.

He of course asked me when I got my first sewing machine.  It was when I graduated from college.   His comment, "Ha, ha!  I got mine at 8!"  

I am off to International Quilt Festival Houston tomorrow.  I hope I sleep tonight.  I've been working on a group quilt for the last 5 years and we took a ribbon!  I can't wait for awards Tuesday evening as we will all be in attendance (MN, CO, and TX residents!) to accept our award together.  It promises to be a memorable evening!

Come back all this week to see the events unfolding in Houston!

I hope you get to quilt today!


  1. You go Vincent-Nice job on your quilt.

  2. How nice of the sponsors to give a sewing machine. I, too, learned to quilt at about 8, and bought my first machine when I graduated college and got a real job. Maybe he'll be a nationally known quilt artist one day!

  3. tell your cute little guy congratulations!! What a wonderful bonus for him!! I hope this doesn't set him up for disappointment later: we don't win sewing machines very often! :-) Have fun at market, and congrats to you also for winning a ribbon at the quilt show!! We want to see it when we can! Hugs, H