Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Folk Art Quilted Traditions Blog Hop - My Houston Auction Quilt!

Welcome to the Folk Art Quilted Traditions Blog Hop!  My fabulous friends and fellow bloggers are having a blast this week showing what they've created from my new book Folk Art Quilted Traditions.

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Saturday October 15 - Final Wrap-up

Giveaway!  You'll get a free autographed copy of my book and four gorgeous fat quarters of Island Batik fabric!  You can see the items below:

I was astounded in August when I was contacted by the International Quilting Association asking me to make a quilt for their small quilt auction.  It will go up for bids at International Quilt Festival in Houston Nov. 3-6, 2016.  It's an honor to be asked to make a small quilt for this auction and I was thrilled to be asked.

I knew I wanted to make something using my new book, but I must admit that I was a little overwhelmed by all the possibilities.  I started playing around and just couldn't figure out quite what I wanted to do.  Then the wonderful people at Island Batik offered to send me some fabric to make the quilt using their newest lines.  I gladly accepted and planned a color scheme around a print I picked out for the center of my block.  You can see this fabric underneath all the other luscious Island Batiks below.

Next I started designing using my pattern and mirrors.  You can see the progression I wen tthrough in the pictures below.  Center and flowers first.

Adding Leaves.

More leaf choices.

Adding a cushion in the center.

The final details.

Here is the first layer all fused down ready to go.

Here you can see that I'm in the process of blanket stitching.  When I know that the end of the pieces are going to be covered up by other pieces I will often simply stitch them all and then go back and cut threads later.

Layer Two.

As a part of layer three I had two leaves that butted right up to each other to blanket stitch.  In the middle of stitching the, I pivot my needle and switch to the second petal to stitch so that I don't have to start and stop as many times.  When I've gone all the way around the second petal I then switch back to finish the first petal.

Layer three.

Layer four.

Block's all done!

I know you want to know how it all turned out, and I do want to show you, but this post is long enough all ready!  Be sure to come back on Saturday to see how I quilted this gorgeous little block for the International Quilt Festival Mini Quilt Auction with my lovely Island Batiks!  I'll be in Houston to watch the bidding. I can hardly wait!

You can also keep updated and share what you're doing on my Machine Applique Adventures Facebook group!

I hope you get to quilt today!


  1. Congrats Suzy! It is going to be beautiful!

  2. I love your block and the colors you chose to make it. Very lovely. You've made some very precise work. :-)

  3. very interesting to see your creative process and gorgeous results.

  4. Gorgeous!!!! So many fun designs to play with.

  5. This is a beautiful block and the color scheme is very elegant!

  6. Very nice. I need to practice the blanket stitch so it looks as nice as yours. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thank you for the process post of how you designed the block - very helpful. What is the lovely thread you used? Thanks for the chance!

  8. We just completed the remodel of our home which is "back" to it's Spanish Revival style. Are their any projects in your book that you think I could use?

  9. What a great demonstration of how you did your block. Lovely by the way! raydeer@memlane.com

  10. Your appliqué stitching is beautiful. What type thread/weight did you use? Thanks for the giveaway. grinnie1961 at gmail dot com

  11. Love your quilt, thanks for the giveaway.

  12. That's gorgeous. I love the colors.

  13. Congratulations on your book and the lovely quilt.

  14. Fun with fusible and batiks. Your block is lovely and your book is amazing!

  15. Just beautiful! I love the bright folk art inspired colors for applique.

  16. I love applique and batiks! so wonderful

  17. great close up pictures! such a great book!