Saturday, October 15, 2016

Folk Art Quilted Traditions Blog Hop Wrap-Up

It's been an amazing journey this week seeing what all my lovely friends have made using my book, Folk Art Quilted Traditions.  I hope you've enjoyed seeing all their projects as much as I have.  It's been an absolute blast to see what they've done.   Most of my friends did the Jeweled table runner and they all turned about absolutely beautiful!

Monday, October 10
Connie Kresin Campbell -

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Friday October 14
Adele Mogavero -

Saturday October 15 - Final Wrap-up

The Giveaway winner will be announced tomorrow!

On Tuesday, I shared with you that I was asked to make a miniature quilt for the annual International Quilt Festival silent auction.  I was thrilled.  Here's the block I made:

Now to show you the rest of the process and the quilting.  I had fun just playing with this little quilt.  I started by drafting a pattern for the quilting.

Next, I stitched in the ditch around the applique pieces and did my curved lines.  I decided to use two layers of batting for this quilt.  I usually only do this on small quilts because it makes them heavier and harder for me to drag around through my machine.  In this case I used the wonderful Hobbs Cotton/Wool batting for the base layer and Heirloom wool for the top layer.

Here's the back:

Some of these lines were stitched in LARGE basting stitches (center of piecture) compared to the rest of the stitching.  These lines were there as registration marks for how far I wanted my feathers to come out.  I didn't want to wash this quilt so I didn't want to use anything to mark on the fabric so this was how I worked around that problem.  After quilting my feathers I did go back and pull out all the basting stitches.

Feathers.  Oh, how I LOVE feathers.  So fun!

Here's a closeup.  You can see that I used regular feathers, hook feathers, and curl feathers in my stitching.  That dark outside blue line you see?  It's done with a Frixion pen.  I rarely use them, but since it's going to be covered by the binding I did this time.

Now I'm starting to add detail.  In the corners I added diagonal lines like picture corners in old fashioned photo albums.

Here's a close-up:

And the back so far:

Here's the quilt with it's final fills one.  I did pebbles between the feathers and crying clamshells in the middle.

A closeup of the Crying Clamshells.  I created this design for my Brick Wall Free Motion Quilt Along that I post about every Friday.

The back of the final quilt:

Adding the binding!  I love to use colorful bindings.

The final quilt!  I sent it off to IQA last month.  I can't wait to see it hanging in Houston!

I hope you get to quilt today!


  1. Such a jewel! Thank you for showing how you make it. You have such patience!
    Absolutely stunning Suzie!
    Barbara x

    1. Thanks! Machine quilting is one of my favorite parts and it was so fun to work on something small :)

  2. Nancy A: rangerer@sbcglobal.netOctober 15, 2016 at 11:22 AM

    Your quilting is beautiful and add so much to an already great quilt.

  3. The book is great, and I had fun on the hop. I hope you sell lots of books!

  4. Your mini is fabulous! I had fun on the hop getting to know new blogs. My, you table runner pattern was so popular, but then it's a fabulous project. I'm anxious to know the winners. If I'm not one of them, then I'm off to buy the book.

  5. Your quilting is just gorgeous, you are such an inspiration.

  6. Congrats on your book! Your work is beautiful!

  7. Suzy this is so beautiful! Your applique design is wonderful but your! That is a great idea to baste lines to help you decide where the feathers are going and the double layer of batting is perfect!

  8. beautiful! I love the block and enjoyed seeing your process. I like colourful bindings too :)

  9. Breathtaking applique and quilting! So, if you didn't do ANY marking on this piece, how did you get your initial quilt design onto your fabric? The sheet that you laid out with those first curvy lines dividing up the background?