Friday, August 12, 2016

Free Motion Friday - Blobs

I love the new design for this week!  I found stitching it out to be really quick once I understood how to make it.  I did try stitching this one out in a small scale, but I must admit the larger scale is more effective.  I also realized that orange thread on a pink background really doesn't show up much.  I took a very low light shot below so you could see the texture of the pattern.

The written directions can be found here.

Here is the video instructions.

And lastly, here are the picture instructions.

This design was originally going to be named "Cheetos," but after I started stitching it out, I realized that not every blob looked like a Cheeto, thus it became Blobs.  Start by making a curvy line.  The make it into a shape that looks like a Cheeto or a Blob.  I tried to keep them fairly uniform in thickness/the distance across and I tried to make sure it had a bump out or in at some point.

Here you can see the second shape I made.  It kind of looks like a Cheeto.  I'm talking puffed Cheetos, not the crunchy ones.

If you come to the edge of the fabric, just stitch along the seam until you get to a place where you want to start again.  Here are a few Blobs all together.  It looks kind of like stippling, but with closed shapes instead of just lines.

Here you can see how my Blobs are interconnecting and changing shape to fit spaces as I go along.

And the final Blobs taken in low light so you can see the texture.

Okay, so that is a LOT of instructions. Out of curiosity, I'd love to see comments on which way(s) you prefer directions.  Thanks in advance!

The lovely Ginny shared her first three samples on my Machine Applique Adventures Facebook group+.  They look wonderful Ginny!  Here is her Crying Clamshells form week one.

I too was using this design on a quilt this's a preview of thing to come.

I hope you get to quilt today!

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