Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Floral Kaleidoscope - Part Five

When I last left you, my quilt top looked like the picture below.  The big flowers were on and stitched and it was time to add the dots.  There were originally supposed to be seven dots inside each tulip, but after sticking on the first set of dots I decided it really only needed five dots.

Here are the dots all stuck on and ready to sew...

And a close-up of the dots.  You can see that they really are close together.  I knew that trying to rip the stabilizer between them was not going to be easy, so I didn't.  I ripped down to the top dots and then left the rest.

I love the dark purple I chose for these dots.  They really help pull in the purple from the center.

Now to add the other color dots in the second flowers.  I decided to go with orange dots to accent the orange in the main tulip fabric.  They don't stand out as much as the purple dots, but not everything can be crazy bright....right?

And here is the quilt top with all the dots added.  Getting close to being done!

You can see above that I am also starting to play with some black and white fabrics.  Stay tuned...

I hope you get to quilt today!

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