Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Flower in a Pot #5 - Part One

Back to the Flower in a Pot Series today with Flower in a Pot #5.  This is truly one of my favorites in the series.  I fell in love with the chevron batik for the pot.  I decided on a lot of different purples for the feathers and then worked from there.  You can see that as I cut out pieces I place them on my pattern to test them.

Most of these pieces fell into place easily (this doesn't always happen).  I had fun fussy cutting the fabric for the green stem as well.  I later changed this fabric because I felt that the two green fabrics read too much the same and it made the greens boring.  If you look at the next picture you can see that I changed the stem to a light green and it adds some interest to the block.

I got so excited about stitching this block that I completely forgot to take pictures!  I decided to stitch all the purple petals in different shades of purple thread.  It makes it really fun to look at.  It also made me realize that I need more purple threads!  I ended up having to repeat thread for the center petal.

Here you can really see the different purple threads on the petals!

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