Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Flower in a Pot #4 - Part One

Time to get started on Flower in a Pot #4!  I thought I'd show you some of the work I do when deciding what fabric to use in my blocks.

I knew I wanted the large circle in this block to be pink.  I'd picked out a great fabric for the base (see below) and it just screamed at me that pink was needed.  Below are the three pinks I was considering.  The one on the left has feather motifs, the middle is a pink "solid" batik, and the third is a pink stripe.  When I started I was sure I was going to use the pink solid, but in the end I decided that I needed something that had more interest, so I went with the feather print on the left.

Here you can see the pieces I've already picked out for the block.  I decided to use light greens for the leaves and a darker green for the stem.  The stem has a great texture to it and I like to use things like this for stems.

I also decided that he long skinny pieces on the big circle should match the color of the pot to help tie the design all together.

Below you can see the two pieces I chose for the top of the flower.  The skinny piece is a purple slightly warmer than the others I'd used.  The pink piece on the top is a bit grayer than the other pink to let the brighter pink stand out more.

Then I had to figure out what green would go underneath the flower.  I was having a hard time deciding so I folded up my fabrics and snapped pictures of all the possibilities below.

This green clashed with the other greens.  It's too blue.

The white dots on this green really stand out, so I didn't use it.

This green doesn't seem to go with the others and I think it's too pale.

This solid-looking green looks nice, but I wanted a little more texture to my design.

Finally!  A green that adds pattern and looks good in color!  This is the one.

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  1. You have beautiful greens in your stash!! I love to see how you choose yur fabric. I am sure your applique will be very beautiful. Have fun!!

    1. Since I do a ton of applique I am always on the search for interesting greens.