Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Flower in a Pot #3 - Quilting

Time to quilt Flower in a Pot #3.  I went with traditional feathers on this block.  Here is the pot before quilting.  I decided after looking at it that it was too poofy and I needed to add some quilting to it.

Here is the pot with quilting.  I decided to keep it simple and just stitch around each oval.  There is a slight bulge in the upper right where there is no stitching.  I may add some more and will definitely be more careful next time.

Here is the flower before I put in a few lines of quilting to help tack it down.

Here is the back before I did any stitching inside the flower or pot.  You can see why I felt it was necessary to add some more stitching to it.

Here is the front of the quilt before extra stitching.  I like the feathers, but I almost feel as if it's too much for such a small piece.  I think I liked it better when they all came out from the flower as a spine in Flower in a Pot #2.  These blocks are definitely works in progress and I'm learning as I go.  

Here is the quilt with the rick rack added.  It will be inside the finished binding.

And here is the final quilt!  I love the detail the rick rack adds.  The was large rick rack instead of medium rick rack.  I like both effects.

Happy Quilting!  This block pattern will be available here on Saturday morning.

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  1. The applique is gorgeous, and so is the quilting. You made the right decision to go back and add more. The finish with the rick rack edge is simply stunning! Great job.