Saturday, January 2, 2016

Word 16 Challenge at Elm Street Quilt's Blog

I was clicking through blogs the other day and I ran into Elm Street Quilt's Word 16 Challenge.  Since I had already blogged about my word, Future, I decided to go for it and make a mini quilt for their challenge.  You can find all the information in the link above.

Here is my little quilt:

The reasons I chose this word are as follows:
1.  The random generator picked it for me :)
2.  With a quilting book coming out these year I am excited about the future.
3.  I am excited about blogging and will continue to do it into the future.

So....if you are inclined check out Elm Street Quilt's challenge and pick a word for yourself.



  1. Thank you for stitching along with Elm Street Quilts Word 16. Future is a great word and I love the playful way you assembled your mini! Happy New Year!

  2. Cute mini - love the thread!
    I am curious now what the random generator would come up with for me! Cheers to the FUTURE!

    1. I finally found the link
      It was at

  3. Exciting to hear about the book. Here's to great future.

  4. This is really cute and it looks like you have a bright future ahead! Exciting!

  5. Very cute mini! Love your word! Exciting times for you! xo jan Sew and Sow Farm