Friday, January 1, 2016

The Future

One of my friends had a random word generator posted on Facebook that would "tell" you your word for next year.  Always curious, I typed in my name (that's all it needed) and it told me my word was "Future."  I wasn't sure I liked that word, so I tried it again with my full legal name.  I got "future" again.  I guess it was trying to tell me something?!

There are a few things I know the future will bring.  My boys will get bigger.  We will all get older.  My fifth grade students will learn more (hopefully!).  I will make more quilts and blog more.  Blogging is something I never knew I would enjoy so much when I started.  I usually quilt for show and doing little projects instead of big projects is giving me the freedom to create.

But the one I know will happen this year and am most excited about is that I will have a quilting book published by the American Quilter's Society.  It's a big task, but something I have always wanted to do and I am enjoying it.

That's why my future will bring and I am excited to see what happens.

Time to go quilt some more!

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