Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Quilting with My Sons

A few weeks ago my sons asked to make quilts.  I've done this before with my older son Vincent who is 7, but my 4 year old Roland is new to quilting though he often asks for me to draw him what I'm working on so he can color it in.  Now they've both watched me forever, so upon being told yes, my 4 year old ran off to the other room to draw what he wanted to make.

Next we picked out background fabric and cut fusible-backed scraps into the desired shapes.  Here are the "tops" of their quilts:

Since I love to applique, these two see me drawing flowers all the time.  Clearly, they were inspired to create their own.  It certainly made this mama melt!

Next, I added backing and a layer of batted and stitched the edge.  Then I flipped them inside out and stitched around the edge to hold them together.  Finally, it was the boys turn to use decorative stitches on the machine to do the quilting.

Vincent has used the machine a few times before and was quite happy to quilt away all by himself this time!

This was Roland's first time sewing and he was nervous, so he decided I should move the quilt and he would press the pedal.  This was how Vincent started too.

And here they are with their finished quilts.  Roland must have his to sleep with every night now.  :)



  1. I love that you do this wih your boys. I have 8 grandsons so am encouraging them to follow in my footsteps. I sure hope they do.

  2. Pragtige seuns!! Groot talent!! ♥♥♥