Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Final Flowers

Here are the last two flower blocks I created for this quilt.  Next I have to think about how to put them together...

I had a little trouble deciding what fabric to use for the big dot on this block.  I couldn't find a dark teal that worked nor an orange, so I settled on blue.  I am happy with the results.

Threads I used:
  • Outer Orange Petals - DMC 50 Weight Cotton Machine Embroidery Thread - nice and flat to keep it subtle
  • Inner Dark Teal Petals - InvisaFil 100 weight polyester Thread by WonderFil Threads - I had a really hard time finding a color for this fabric since it's so dark.  This worked well and was thin so the orange dots still stand out.  I didn't want to use orange because I was afraid it would take away from the darkness of the fabric.
  • Center Teal Petal - Sulky 40 weight rayon - pretty and shiny.  It was hard to find a thread to match this too.
  • Center Orange Petal - Bottom Line by Superior Threads - Nice and thin
  • Large Blue Dot - Bottom Line by Superior Threads
  • Small Orange Dot - Deco-Bob by WonderFil Threads - very shiny which I wanted for this dot

I love the purple and orange fabric in this block.  It was fun choosing fabrics to go with it.  It's an interesting fabric because it incorporates both warm and cool purple which is rare.

Threads I used:

  • Outer Orange Petals - Madeira 40 weight Rayon - nice and shiny and easy to work with.
  • Inner Purple and Orange Petals - Deco-Bob by WonderFil Threads - At first I worried this thread was too light in color, but I like the final effect.
  • Center Pinky-Purple Petal - Mettler 50/3 Cotton Thread - I wanted to keep this flat so it didn't stand out too much.
  • Center Light Orange Petal - Bottom Line by Superior Threads
  • Big Purple Dot - Glide by Fil-Tec - gotta love the color "raven" as my go to "blurple" thread
  • Small Orange Dot - Madeira 40 weight Rayon 
Now time to design the next part!


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