Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I Think I'm Going Dotty

I like dots, though the ones I'm using are more like ovals or grapes.  However, having just outlined 92 of them with double blanket-stitch has left me feeling a little dotty.  It was fun because I got to use a lot of colors and a lot of thread, but I am ready to do something other than dots!

I explored two new threads with this border.  One is Clover Tire Silk Thread.  It's 50 weight and nice and thick compared to my usual 100 weight silk.  When done with double blanket stitch it makes a nice thick line with plenty of sheen.  The red dot below was sewn in this.  I can see myself buying more of this.  This blog is getting me into thread trouble!  I bet I end up bringing back more thread than fabric from International Quilt Festival Houston in a few weeks!

The other thread I played around with was Iris Ultrabrite Trilobal Polyester Machine Embroidery Thread.  It's 40 weight and very shiny and easy to use and work with.  I used two different colors, green, and a medium blue-purple color.  The are the third dot from the left (purple) and the last dot on the right (green with orange dots).  Both were wonderful and I will definitely use this thread again.  I have about 15 different colors I bought at one point.

I suppose that before I go to Houston I should check to see if I am lacking in any colors.  However, that would be hard to know as I have 15 drawers of thread and 4 cases worth.  I know blue purples are hard to find as well as dark teals.  This is definitely something I need to think about.


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