Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Ziggedy Zaggedy

This quilt has been done for awhile, but I've neglected to post about it.  It's a modern mini and is made of course with my favorite Island Batiks and Hobbs batting.  I was in the mood to make a modern mini one day, so I did!

Did you know Island Batik is now making a gray solid?!  It's fabulous to work with.

Each shape is a different red or red-orange Island batik.  It's subtle but you notice it when you look closely.

Starting to mark with my favorite Clover White Pen.  It irons off and is fantastic.

Stitching the baselines.

Adding the red diamonds.  They don't pop as much as I want. What to do...

Bubbles down the center!

Here's the back at this point.

Adding red stippling.

Look carefully at this next picture.  The bottom two diamonds on the left have a thicker red line.  And extra step, but worth it as it makes them pop more.

With all the extra red thread added.  Worth it!

All done.  TA DA!  Ziggedy Zaggedy named by my amazing son Roland.

A close up of the finished quilt.

And the back!

I hope you get to quilt today!


  1. This is gorgeous! Your quilting is always unique and spectacular.

  2. That is a lovely mini quilt. The extra pass with the red thread was definitely worth it.

  3. Always fun to see your creations. The Clover pen you use, is it just called a Clover white pen? I'm always looking for better marking tools.

  4. Beautiful work, Suzy! YES that extra pass with the red thread to accentuate the diamonds made a huge difference. I think when you go with contrasting thread you need to really commit to it like that to make it work. Was looking yesterday at a wallhanging that a friend of mine quilted recently and she used a red variegated thread on an off white background and was disappointed with the outcome. I'll bet that if she went back and stitched the outlines again like you did it would make all the difference in the world! And also, just so you know, I am looking at your close up photo and having serious Pebble Envy. So round!! So smooth!! :-). As for your signoff, I certainly had BETTER get to quilt today because I have only 18 days from today to finish my son's graduation quilt completely and as of right now the top is done but it's not loaded, the backing isn't even seamed, and I'm having trouble committing to a thread color. I need PRAYERS!!

  5. What a great modern mini!!! Love the extra line of red to highlight the diamonds! What weight thread did you use? Maybe a heavier weight thread would only require a single is awesome, from the fabric and piecing to the quilting!!