Thursday, May 23, 2019

Appliquik and Experiment

I've been a little slacking on blogging lately.  Blame the end of school and the chaos that always brings with end of the year events, recitals, graduations, etc.  Plus, I am moving school (same district, different building and grade) and that entails LOTS of packing.  I am at 34 boxes so far....and there is so much more.  I'm hoping it'll be under 80?!  AND the week after school gets out I am teaching three full days of classes at the Minnesota Quilters Show.  It's going to be a blast, but it's a lot of prep work.  I will be glad when school is OVER. actual quilting has gotten waylaid.  And the one thing I'm really working on I can't share yet.'s something fun!

I've been playing with (and loving) the Apliquick system for turning pieces.  One day I got a question stuck in my head.  What would happen with silk?  I ironed the interfacing to a gorgeous silk I bought from Frieda Anderson.  It was a dyed red with a lot of subtle variation.  I made a BUNCH of circles.  It worked fabulously.  Here you can see a test layout.

Then I decided to glue them down to my white background.  OOPS.  Even though I used a REALLY think micro tip on my Elmers glue, some of the glue came through.  Will it come out with washing?  Sure.  SO not the the end of the world....if the fabric doesn't bleed...hmm.  

Since the circles all have a variation, I decided the threads to stitch them down should too.  So I went through my collection of red and pink Glide threads and had a blast picking colors.

What was supposed to happen with this?  I twas supposed to have these lacy leather and sequin leaves on top.  I didn't like the effect, so the leaves went on something else.  Stay tuned to see what how I quilted it!

I hope you get to quilt today!


  1. Wow, end of school craziness with a side of moving school thrown in! Yikes. Love those red circles!

  2. The silk looks gorgeous! Can’t wait to see what you did. Good luck with the end of the year, that moving is never fun but your quilting teaching should be amazing!