Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Island Batik Ambassador's Whimsical and Wonky Challenge

This month's Island Batik Ambassador challenge was entitled Whimsical and Wonky.  You could do one or the other (or both I suppose!).  I decided on wonky.  Specifically, wonky Christmas trees using my favorite Island Batik fabrics.  I happened to have these three greens and a burgundy and red out for another project I was working on and I decided they would make fun Christmas trees.  I wanted the red in them to pop out.  

Where did my idea come from?  Our school's first graders!  Check out this awesome art project that was up in the hall.  They used tissue paper to make these fun trees.  I knew I had to try it.  I later showed them my quilt in person and they were so excited they made me a thank you card.  I love kids!

To make my trees I fused lots of small pieces in a big chunk and then cut them out like threes some of which are wonky at the bottom.   I then started laying them out trying to decide how to put them down.  Two rows of off set tress seemed the most pleasing to my eye.  Next the piece was layered with Hobbs polyester batting.  I wanted this piece to be fluffy!

To quilt the tress I used swirls.  I love the texture it adds.  I used my favorite Aurifil thread of course!

Then I had a really fun idea.  What about using white yarn for snow under the trees?  Fun!  I had a Bernina ruler foot with a couching disk insert...this is what happened.  What did I learn?  You have to have enough loose yarn and remember to pull more out of the skein even when you're having a really fun time quilting or it won't turn out how you want it too.  I was a bit excited.  I also learned you can't stay in one spot too long or there are issues.

Here's what the foot looks like.  I had white Aurifil thread in the top and the bottom.

I decided to use the same kind of swirl pattern between the trees too, but in just regular thread.

Then I added one more piece of fun.  The kid had used silver glitter glue on their artwork.  So I decided to pull out some fancy silver thread and try couching it.  It worked great and added a little sparkle.

 Such fun!  I love how it turned out.

And the final quilt.  It's going to be a gift for my Secret Santa on Friday!  I hope she likes it.

I hope you get to quilt today!


  1. Very cute Suzy, I really like the yarn for snow idea! Merry Christmas.

  2. I’m sure your secret Santa gift will be much appreciated. Children’s art is such a great inspiration. I saved many photos from my kindergarten students’ work. This reminds me I should work on a few. Thanks.

  3. Clever ideas, and I love how you think about something and then just try it. I need to be more adventurous in my quilting! What a cute quilt!

  4. Oh I really love this! The inspiration, as well as what you did with it in fabric.

  5. I really like what you did with the yarn, very creative

  6. What a fun project to work on. Inspiration is everywhere and how exciting for the kids to see what their art projects inspired. I really like the way you used the white yarn for snow and the silver thread to give it a bit of sparkle. It's a nice Christmas quilt that can also be used throughout the winter.