Saturday, December 29, 2018

Handy Press Mini Iron

This year for Christmas my mom got me a Handy Press Mini Iron from Joann's.  It's really tiny and doesn't use steam.  I liked it for ironing small seams open.  It doesn't get overly hot, so for the larger seams I was working on it was a bit of a pain.  

On the other hand, it was really light.  That's a plus too.  But I found due to it's small surface it took a bit longer.  It also takes longer to heat up.

You may notice the John Deere flannel.  I learned last year during the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt that ironing on flannels helps prevent fabric from stretching.  I was at a friend's house yesterday and I forgot to take my flannel along.  I could tell the difference. 

Just look at how the flannel sticks to the pieces so they can't move.

In comparison, the regular ironing surface....not as straight, not as pulled flat.

The one thing that annoyed me on this iron?  The cord is a bit clunky.  It's okay for small things, but I think my larger mini iron is going to come back out at times too.  My husband asked me, "How many mini irons do you have?"  Well....there's still one more in the basement.  LOL.

I hope you get to quilt today!


  1. Yes, the cord is in the wrong place, and yes, it doesn't get very hot. Where I find mine really useful is when I'm doing foundation piecing, or stitch and flip Quilt As You Go. I put my Susan Schamber style ironing pad right by my machine and my teeny iron, and I don't have to get up to iron each seam as I sew them. BECAUSE it doesn't get too hot, it's not a safety hazard, and it won't shrink the synthetics that sometimes sneak into my scraps.

  2. I love my little steam fast iron for small projects, ironing seams open on blocks, and for traveling. But I agree the bigger ones have their purpose too:)