Friday, December 14, 2018

Free Motion Friday - Design Possibilities

This little 11 by 11 quilt was designed using Island Batik Fabrics for Curated Quilts Curves challenge.  Here's my process of figuring out what to quilt.  I use a piece of plastic with a sharpie laid over the quilt top so I can see what the quilting will look like.

I was so sure I wanted to quilt bubbles in the curve.

So I kept adding more.

And more.

And more until I realized it was TOO much.

Then it occurred to me I could do spiral lines.

Awesome.  Love it.  But what to put in there?  Bubbles?  Nah.

You can see I tried stippling and wavy lines.  Eh.

Matchsticks?  Bananas?  Big Bubbles?  Little bubbles on a line.  HMMMM....

I like the little bubbles so I redrew it.  LOVE it!

And the finished quilt.

I hope you get to quilt today!

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