Saturday, September 29, 2018

Island Batik Ambassador's Starstruck Challenge Part 3

I am so happy with how my Island Batik Ambassador's Starstruck Challenge turned out!  I used the new All A Flutter line.  Let me know you how I finished quilting it.  If you want to see the first two parts in the series click below.

Here's where we were last time.  All the interior star is quilted, just the purple and background remain to be quilted.  I used my favorite Hobbs 80/20 Cotton/Poly blend inside.

Check out the back!  Isn't it fabulous?  You can really see the thread.

Here are my amazing Aurifil thread choices.

For the background here I wanted something simple so I chose to make triangles.

In the purple I really wanted the dragonflies to pop so I stitched around them and parallel lines between them.

You can really see what it looks like on the back.  After I'd quilted two out of four of these I was wondering what in the world I was thinking!?  However, i love how it looks.

Here we are with all but the background done.

And the back!  It looks so different and amazing on the back....

For the background I decided to keep in simple and do more triangles like I did in the interior gray sections.  I'm really happy with how this turned out.  I used a simple pink to bind because I didn't have enough gray left and because I like colored bindings.

I hope you get to quilt today!