Saturday, March 31, 2018

Tula Pink All Stars Kaleidoscope - Part 3

So this is where the quilt currently sits.  It needs some triangles to finish it out into a rectangle.  And I'll get to that....eventually!

Here I am testing what should come between the big triangles.  On the bottom you can see the dark purple triangles.  I decided I liked it better with them than on the top without them.

Once that decision was made I cut and laid out all the pieces.  I wanted to be sure that I had them all and that I didn't mess up the placement when sewing them.  I highly recommend this!

Pieces, pieces,  Getting there...

And it was a 1/4 inch too least I figured it out before I sewed it (and that it wasn't too small!)

And all the pieces sewn together.  I LOVE This so much!

I hope you get to quilt today!


  1. That is really pretty! Will you leave it in that shape (which I love)?

  2. Wow! I love this. I just bought the All Stars prints when I was in Lancaster, PA, for the AQS quilt show. When I got home I ordered a bundle of the solids, and a bundle of the strips and polka dots. I am going to try making this along with you when I get the rest of the fabric.