Saturday, October 14, 2017

My IQA Mini Auction Quilt - Part 3

In my last post I talked about the quilting on this quilt.  Now...the binding!

If you look at the center of the back you can see the pebbles.  I added some veining quilting in the green leaves because I felt that they were puffing up to much and I wanted them flatter.  I like the effect.

I decided that this quilt needed a pop of piping in the binding.  It was the first time I'd sewn piping on my new machine.  Went back to the old one!  The new one kept gathering it which was quite frustrating as it had to be ungathered before I could sew it onto the quilt.  I asked the queen of piping, Susan Cleveland, what went wrong and she said to adjust my top tension.  I'll try that next time for sure.

And the finished quilt!  I titled it Hard and Soft in honor of the leather and silk applique.  I did use an orange batik for the piping.  I can't wait to see the quilt again in Houston!  A few short weeks.....yay!

I hope you get to quilt today!

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