Friday, October 13, 2017

Free Motion Friday - Quilting Vintage Part 3

The next part of my quilt Hungarian Embroidery #2 was to quilt a grid work pattern above the flowers.  I did a pumpkin seed design and then filled each center space.  You can see it really well from the back.

And here it is from the front.  You can see the purple air erase in this picture.  I also took the time to stitch pebbles in the flowers as I went along.

Now the dresser scarf is done.  Time to think about the blue...

For the outside arcs I put a feather in each one starting by the flowers and expanding into the arc.

Here's the view from the back.

You can read about Part 1 and Part 2 in the links.

I hope you get to quilt today!  The boys are off to mommy gets to quilt!


  1. All I can say is WOW...just WOW! One of the most stunning pieces I've seen in a long time (and I have seen a lot of beautiful pieces). I'll keep following along to see more.