Friday, October 27, 2017

Free Motion Friday - Quilting Vintage Part 4

When I last wrote, this was as far as I'd gotten with my quilt.  I discovered a problem when I got to the satin.  I used various marking tools on a test piece of fabric and discovered that you can't mark satin as when you get it wet it causes a problem.  My hubby suggested I try my iron off pen.  Unfortunately that leaves a wet line too and it didn't go away when I heated the satin! what???

 I knew I wanted to mark are some ideas I went through.  The LOVELY copy and laminating lady at my school saves all the extra laminating pieces for me to use for drawing quilt ideas.  It's how I test things...

So, how did I get here?  My friend Lori had the answer.  Doctor paper.  It's the paper you sit down on at the doctor's office. Essentially, really thin tissue paper.  I have a roll I've had for years.  Golden Threads paper works well too.  You mark what you want to stitch on it and then you pin it to your quilt.  Then you sew through it and since it's so thin it's easy to rip away.  YES, I did have to pick out some tiny pieces with a tweezers, but since there was no other way it was worth the effort.  There were only a few.  DO NOT mark complex designs with doctor paper or you will have a ton of tiny pieces to pick out.  Ask me how I know....

Here's the tracing and very careful pinning.  Fortunately it's translucent so  you can see through it okay.

Then you sew on the lines.

Here's what it looks like after sewing.

Then you carefully rip away the paper on the outsides.

Finally, carefully pull off the small strip.

And the final results after all the paper has been removed.  Now to fill in the areas.  Come back in two weeks to see what's week I'll be doing a fabulous Free Motion Friday post from Houston at International Quilt Festival!  I can't wait!

I hope you get to quilt today!


  1. LOL! Glad I could help! (it's gorgeous, by the way!!!) - Lori

  2. I used the golden threads paper for the first time to mark the center of a walking foot spiral. I wanted to free motion the first 10 to 12 rounds to save the hassle of running my quilt through the neck of my domestic. When the circle was big enough I switched to the walking foot and didn't need the guide any more. The paper pulled away njcely even though the lines where 1/2 inch apart. I love having many ways to mark designs for quilting.

  3. On part 5 when I click on Part 1, I get part 2. When I click on part 3 I get part 4.