Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Island Batik's Leah Day's Heart Medallions

I love all things batik and especially my Island Batiks!  Leah Day has curated a Quilty Box this month that includes her new heart medallions for Island Batik!  As an ambassador, I was lucky enough to receive four of Leah's heart medallions in purple.

What to do?

A table runner seemed the obvious choice.  I must admit that I haven't finished the binding yet, but the rest is done!  No one's perfect after all.  I trimmed down my medallion panel and then added a blue border.

One of my learnings for this project was to play with 12 weight thread.  This thread is Spaghetti thread by Wonderfil.  I used a 50 weight Aurifil cotton in the bobbin.  I had to adjust the tension a bit, but it worked wonderfully.  I simply outlined all the medallions with the thick blue thread to make them stand out even more.  I went for an easy stipple in the background.

For the thin blue border I quilted a heart like pattern in a 40 weight Aurifil thread.  Three different weights on the same quilt.  And so much fun that now I want to buy more thick threads....and Houston is in a week...I'm in trouble already!

Is anyone else attending Houston Festival?  I'd love to meet you!

I hope you get to quilt today!

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