Saturday, September 17, 2016

Black and White Flower #4

I love this particular flower.  i think the main reason is because of how I fussy cut the black and white fabric in it.  It's also the only flower that uses three black and white prints instead of two.  Here's the first layer.  I used a larger size blanket stitch on these pieces since the fabric is pretty solid.

Adding the second layer.  If you look at the thread I used on these two new pieces you can tell that it's lighter than the fabric.  I was trying to match the dots in the print as best I could.  It's not a perfect match, but you can see that since the thread is lighter it adds some dimension to the petals.

You can tell from the back that I also used a larger stitch length for these petals.  I did this on purpose to highlight the thread and make it really visible.

Okay, this picture was definitely taken in a weird light.  Oops.  Third layer is complete.  It's the same fabric as the bottom 2 petals.

Here's the fun part!  Do you see the three large petals at the bottom!  Those were cut from a fabric that had circles of the little white shapes.  The black at the bottom of the petals is part of the fabric, not an extra piece.  I love to fussy cut fabric.

I decided to use a consistently small (1.8 mm) stitch length on all the black and white pieces so you can really see the fabrics.  One thing I did discover along this process was that sometimes as the needle pierced the black part of the fabric you could see the white from the back of the fabric peeking through.  I find this frustrating.  Fortunately, since it's black, I just colored over it with a sharpie, no problem.  However, this is probably the main reason I use batiks instead of prints most of the time when I'm appliqueing.

And the final flower!  It was really fun fussy cutting those pink rectangles so that they were standing upright correctly in the flower.

You can see that I also used a large size blanket stitch on these pieces.  I did this because I like the look, but also because I realized the further into the piece I stitched, the less layers I was catching underneath which made it a little easier.

I hope you get to quilt today!


  1. Even the back of your work is pretty!

  2. Love how the bright colors set off the black and white! Looking forward to seeing how you flower collection comes together.