Monday, May 9, 2016

Garden Hose Holder and Tulip Inspiration

I was at Sam's Club (why do I always seem to find inspiration there....probably because it's one place besides the quilt store and work I go regularly!) when I saw this decorate garden hose holder.  Metal scroll work always inspires me and this hose holder is no exception.  I love the top rectangle in particular

It's tulip time here in Minnesota too and my neighbors down the street have a gorgeous bed of tulips.  I love the color combination!  It would make a great color combination for a quilt too!  Sorry for the pixelated photo, but at least you can still tell the colors:  Pale Pink, Red, Purply-Pink, and White.

Happy Quilting!


  1. Beautiful!!! I have to trek to Sam's in the coming week.....I'll have to keep a look out. Add irises to the tulips (here in extreme S.E. MN).....gorgeous!!!!!

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