Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Flower in a Pot #7 - Part One

Time for another Flower in a Pot!  Number 7!  In the picture below you can see how I test my flowers on my background fabrics.  If you look at the the three pictures below you can see a few differences.  The middle flower has a different red center.  The left and right flowers have different small pieces at the bottom of the base.  I though for sure I would like the right little piece the best, but it turns out I was wrong!  I also decided on the center red for the flower because it was more interesting.  I know they are subtle differences, but I like playing with fabric.  Who doesn't?

I also save these extra pieces because you never know when you're going to need something later.  Yes, I have bags of scraps with fusible on them, but I have let my sons use them to make their own quilts, so I'm glad I had them!

Here is layer one all stitched up.  The fabric in the center of the block has a lot of blue and green.  I decided to stitch it in a blue thread to make it stand out more.

More on Saturday!


  1. I also love playing with fabric, the flowers look great.

  2. I am so enjoying seeing how you make these!!