Monday, December 28, 2015

Ornament Inspiration

In a blissfully lazy mood I was sitting and staring at our Christmas tree last night when I realized some of the ornaments would make cool quilt patterns!

I purchased this woodcut ornament in Austria last summer.  It would be fun to do this with some shape for an applique design!

This ornament was made by my son at school this year.  I'm not sure how they made it but I love the pattern play of a swirl and a grid at the same time.

I love this angel a student bought me a few years ago.  It's so fluid and graceful.  

This last ornament has bells inside different sized circles.  I love the circles.  I must admit I have an odd fascination with them. I use them all the time when I'm designing.  However, I have recently figured out that ovals are similarly fun and if you're off a little it's way easier to fudge that plain circles!

Hope you get to spend of this holiday season quilting!

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