Saturday, December 26, 2015

Prague Posy Tablerunner Part 2

Here are the pictures I took as I completed appliqueing Prague Posy.

I stitched the pink and purple accent pieces in a 100 weight Invisifil Thread by Wonderfil in purple.  It accents the piece nicely I think without taking too much away from the print.

Here I've added the small circles I used a lighter green on the small green circles to try to make them stand out from the other lime green fabric.  I'm happy with how it looks, but next time I think I'll darker in thread color instead of lighter.  I've also added the stems of the flowers.

Now the large circles in the center of the flowers are added.  I used a matching thread because I didn't want the thread to stand out.

Here is the finished applique.  I love the way the dark blue circles help tie everything together.  Originally there was going to be one circle connecting the two stems, but I decided to add two and I'm glad I did because I think it makes it more interesting.

Here is a a closeup of the completed Prague Posy.  Now I get to decide how to quilt my table runner!
Hope you all had a fantastic winter holiday!

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