Monday, August 31, 2015

Coloring "Quilts" with my Boys

The other day I took my older son to school assessments so his younger brother and I sat around and colored while we waited.  The school provides coloring pages for siblings and crayons.  Knowing my little one, I took along a pack of markers which are his preferred coloring tool.  Of the five pictures available, my son picked the geometric one.  It was my choice too.

These top two pictures were colored by my four year old.  He had a great time coloring them piece by piece.  His favorite colors are pink and purple.  When he finished he wanted to do another in yellow and orange.  I was impressed with his desire to keep them symmetrical.

Here is my older sons's picture.  He had fun making the circles into 3 different colors.  I enjoyed his creativity.  He is seven.

Here is mine.  I remember one time Leah Day was coloring one of the pages in her son's coloring book with quilt patterns.  So I had to try it.  I colored all the shapes and then went back and filled them with background fill patterns in the same color.  I love the result.


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