Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Analogous Color Scheme

For this block I inadvertently ended up with an analogous color scheme.  Analogous color schemes are when you use colors right next to each other on the color wheel.  I started this block with the amazing orange and pink batik that is in the outermost petals.  It varies in the size of pink squares from big to small.  It was fun to play with that effect in the petals.  I then choose the inner central petal, an orange batik with bits of pink and purple.  It is a really versatile choice because it brings in many colors subtly.  I then added the purple and pinks to finish up the block.  I had a really hard time choosing the central dot.  I finally ended up with a dark blue because I couldn't get anything orange, pink, or purple to work.

I used the following threads:

  • Orange and pink outer petals - Bottom Line by Superior Threads - I chose Bottom Line on purpose for these petals.  First, it is 60 weight polyester with little sheen.  I didn't want the thread choice on these petals to overwhelm the fabric.  If I had used a shiny pink thread it would've taken away from the print.
  • Purple inner petals - Glide by FilTec - I used this thread here because it is one of the few threads that is a true blue-purple.  The color name is Raven.  It is my go to thread for anythign "blurple."
  • Inner orange petal - Deco-Bob by WonderFil Threads - a great choice for ease of use and sheen. 
  • Inner pink petal - Deco-Bob by WonderFil Threads
  • Blue Dot - Fufu thread - I love the sheen and texture of this thread.  It comes off the spool and feels a little bumpy, but still smooth.  This adds to the sheen and texture of the thread.
  • Pink dot - Deco-Bob by WonderFil Threads
I want to use the orange and pink batik with the squares in petals again.  I have it in turquoise squares on lime and purple squares on yellow too.  Oh, the possibilities!


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