Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Come join me for an Online Mystery Quilt!

Hello all!  Some friends of mine were looking for a project to work on altogether, so being a designer I jumped right in.  I designed a quilt that is ALL squares and rectangles and looks great scrappy or not scrappy.
Question Mark Note Duplicate - Free image on Pixabay
We're doing this as a mystery, however, if you'd like to see the quilt first I'm happy to show you.  Send me an email to websterquilt at OR a Facebook message.  

Here's the details:
The fee for the quilt is $10 via Paypal

Here's the plan:

  • A $10 fee gets you into a private Facebook Group where we can share instructions and pictures as we work on the project. As soon as I have your payment I will send you a link to join the Facebook Group.
  • YARDAGE and CUTTING INSTRUCTIONS are ready and in the Facebook Group which is called Suzy Webster Quilts Mystery Quilt
  • It's a traditional looking quilt, but would totally look modern if using modern fabrics
  • No large fabric border. There will be a pieced border (though you could add one later if you wanted)
  • One new clue a week for about 6 weeks until tops are complete and we can add a week or two to talk about how to quilt it if you'd like. The first week or two will be for cutting and then we'll get started
  • Zoom meetings once a week to ask questions/sew along/etc to be decided by the group
  • Two size options - throw (66 x 66) and bed (92 x 92)
  • All pieces are squares and rectangles.
  • Can be totally scrappy or not. Up to you. You can scrap the background too if desired as long as the fabrics read the same
I hope to see some of you online :)

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