Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Island Batik Ambassador's Lets Get Scrappy Challenge

Scraps.  Every quilter has them.  Some of us have mountains, some have them color coded by bins.  I have a small 6 inch square cube (it's actually a Missouri Star cardboard box) that I only keep my Island Batik Scraps in.  When the occasion calls I use them and create!  Or when it overflows...

I must admit that I only save my Island Batik scraps (I love being an Island Batik Ambassador).  They're so precious!  My other scraps are often donated to friends who like scraps, but my Island Batik scraps are saved and cut. 

It all started when I got my GO! Cutter from Accuquilt.  Suddenly I could cut fabric like never before.  I discovered that cutting 1 1/2" squares using my strip cutter was slick!  And so began the obsession.  I now cut them all the time from all my Island Batik scraps.  I have cut THOUSANDS.  I'm not exaggerating!  It's just too easy and too fun to play with.  

The one exception is neutral fabrics.  I don't always want squares, so I cut these down into 1 1/2" strips that I can subcut later once I know what size I will need.  I'm proud to say that the ONLY fabric I cut that wasn't in my scrap bin for this quilt was the border and the dark blue squares!  Like I said, it's become an obsession.

I started with some blocks.

That got made into larger blocks...

That got sewn together and quilted! I decided all those thin 1" finished areas need large circles so you could see how thin they were.  I then filled the larger open squares with feathers and left the blue and colored squares alone.

I can never get enough feathers.  Or enough Aurifil Thread and Hobbs 80/20 Blend batting!  They're the best!

Scrap quilt complete.  The problem?  I used less than half the squares I cut!  Oops.  I guess I'll have to design another quilt using small squares soon.

 I hope you get to quilt today!


  1. I love the way you quilted this! And I agree with you on the Accuquilt scrap cutting. It's addictive to cut and sort everything for future projects.

  2. This is awesome! I totally agree with you about being miserly with IB scraps! I need to work on cutting more of my older fabrics up for scrappy projects.

  3. Need to up my game on cutting up my scraps. I started but got way laid by other projects but I love this use of them! Great quilt and great quilting.

  4. I love this quilt - it's so happy and festive! I always find it amusing when I use scraps and think I've really made a dent in them, only to find I haven't! Ha! I think they procreate, with every scrap you use, another one appears. I have a bin of IB fabric that I won. It is separate from all other scraps and used carefully because it's all the IB I have :-)

  5. This is sou bright and fun! I love all the different colors. I'm a scrap quilter no matter what, but those Island Batik scraps are especially precious! Beautiful quilt!