Thursday, January 2, 2020

2019 Goal Check and 2020 Goals

My Goals

1.  Continue to be an Island Batik Ambassador and write another pattern for them.

Done!  Being an Island Batik Ambassadors continues to be a blast.

2.  I'd love to do another mystery quilt for Minnesota Quilters next year as it was such fun this year.

Done!  I've written and people are starting the 2020 Mystery!  Such fun.  You can still sign up here.

3.  Submit at least 2 quilt proposals to magazines.

I submitted one, so half way there!

4.  Finish two show quilts that are ready for quilting.  Well, maybe one is more realistic.  We'll see.

I finished one and have two in progress.  Pretty good!  They are surprises until their first show, so you will have to wait and see.

5.  Submit another quilt for the National Quilt Museum's Wheel of Fortune contest this year.

This one fell off my radar as I was finishing a show quilt instead.  They're redesigning the contest and I'm curious how it will change.  I have to be honest that the required 50 x 50 inch factor and not having a spark of an idea was what caused me to drop this thought.

6.  Finish and submit my blue quilt for IQA Houston's Sapphire Exhibit.  It's made from all Island Batik Fabrics.

Done!  It was so fun to see it hanging in Houston with all the other amazing blue and white quilts.

7.  Have something printed by Karlee Porter and Honest Fabrics and quilt it.

Well, I did dad's quilt, but that was in 2018 and it was Spoonflower printed.  I haven't gotten around to doing another, but I have thoughts.  We shall see what happens.

2020 Goals:
1.  Continue to be an Island Batik Ambassador and write another pattern for them.
2.  Propose my 2019 Mystery quilt to magazines and/or other guilds.  Something...
3.  Submit at least 2 quilt proposals to magazines.
4.  Finish ONE show quilts that is ready for quilting.  Well, maybe two.  We'll see.
5.  Start working on a new quilting book.  Subject to be determined. 
6.  Have a quilt juried into QuiltCon in 2021.  It's a goal.  It make take a few years.
7.  Have a blast with my new Handiquilter Capri!  (And learn not to be afraid of it at times - LOL).

I hope you get to quilt today and Happy New Year!


  1. Good luck with your 2020 goals!

  2. Awesome goals!! I'd love to do the Mystery quilt, but there is no hot link to go sign up.

  3. Congratulations on all your success and achievements! Next year will have more to come, I am sure!!!